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Kitchen Design Storage Inspiration (Worth Bookmarking)

Recently, I've been helping clients design a kitchen for their new home. Given that food is essential to them, the kitchen and dining area are vital hubs for their family activities. With a large family moving in, maximizing storage space has become crucial.

Here, I've compiled some storage inspiration ideas for kitchen design that I recommend:

  1. Utilizing the Range Hood Area: Often overlooked, this space can actually accommodate many items.

  2. Slim Cabinets Behind the Fridge: Utilize this space effectively for additional storage.

  3. Organizing Spice Jars: Given the multitude of spices used in Chinese cooking, how they are arranged for easy access is important.

  4. Large Drawers under the Sink: Great for optimizing space that is commonly overlooked.

  5. Open Cabinet Designs: Example in Image 6, with clever shelving inside cabinet doors, which is currently popular.

  6. Sponge Storage under the Sink: Surprisingly practical and quirky, but it needs regular cleaning.

  7. Creative Use of Window-Sink Area: This space can also be utilized effectively for storage.

  8. Standard Cabinet Dimensions: Here's a basic guide to organizing cabinet space effectively.

Finally, the last image shows the flow from the fridge to the sink, cutting board, and stove, organized in a triangle layout. For example, using the U-shape kitchen design approach, start by taking ingredients from the fridge, then wash, cut, and cook at the stove.

If you have any questions about kitchen design, feel free to leave a message or send me a private message.

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