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Moisturise the environment with your story from beginning to end

T Interiors|天潤一始 was established in 1999, and now we have design studios both in China and London.  We believe buildings need to have souls, and interior design is one of the ways to properly connect us to spaces and convey the passion for life. Our designers use their eyes to observe and feel the interior space with their feet and hearts. After 23 years of continuous exploration, our designs not only give people sensual beauty but also have details to convey the stories that have or will happen here..

Pursuing perfection is a must for us, where every detail in the design is delicately designed and arranged by designers and polished thoroughly for the project to have an outstanding outcome.

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Our interior design team will closely work with you to together build a dream property that belongs to you only.

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APHDA, Asia-Pacific Hotel Design Association member
CIDA, China National Interior Decoration Assocation member IFI, International Federation of Interior Architects/ Designers member

The 8thChina International Architectural

Decoration & Design Fair,First priz

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Yu has been fond of architecture and art since she was a child and loves travelling. She has travelled to many countries and visited many excellent architectural design works from all over the world. So, to follow her dreams of becoming an interior designer, Yu decided to do her Master's degree at one of the four top art academies in the world, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Now Yu has 9 years of interior design experience and has participated in several interior design projects, and she became an associate member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).

What made you fall in love with interior design? 

Art begins with creativity. By seeking the aesthetics and beauty in life, creativity enriches everyday life. Designing has always been an integral part of my life and my passion will never cease. Every spatial design is unique. I am so intrigued by the power of storytelling in spaces and environments.


M: 07593656519 

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