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Garden Design Inspiration Collection

I've gathered some inspiration from British garden designs and would like to share it with everyone.

Everyone has a different understanding of home and garden, but here are a few points that I find particularly important:

1️⃣ Cleanliness: The yard should be tidy with clearly divided areas. Regular maintenance, such as trimming plants and cleaning, is essential.

2️⃣ Feel: The garden should have a sense of order and warmth. This can be achieved by adding personal touches like small ornaments, a fire pit, or planting your favorite flowers and plants.

3️⃣ Dining Table: The dining table shouldn't be too large. I believe that home is a private space, and the garden is no different. I prefer a small table where I can invite one or two friends or family members to enjoy tea and meals together.

4️⃣ Sunlight: The garden should be filled with sunlight, reaching every corner to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

5️⃣ Bold Color Choices: Don’t be afraid to use bold colors like pink, red, and yellow. Whether it’s the cushions on the chairs or the tablecloths, these colors can add vitality and vibrancy to your garden.

What does your dream garden look like? Let’s discuss!

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