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Why Choose Us?

We understand the importance of having an experienced interior design team being part of your renovation project. Here we have listed a few reasons why you can fully trust us and make you feel that you have made the correct decision in choosing us.

Our experience and advice

Our designers have 23 years of rich and extensive design experience to support your project. You can check out our blogs, for example, ”Recent successful interior design case at Northwest London“. In this blog, our interior designers talked about how we changed the space structure by adding new bathrooms and removing some walls to open up the space whilst increasing the property’s value. 

Value your investment

Our experienced designers not only provide guidance regarding your budget, but we would also choose reliable and trusted manufacturers and reduce any financial losses. For example, we will select the suitable manufacturer and appropriate size for the furniture, lighting and curtain accessories to avoid return costs due to incorrect furniture selection.

Smooth & stress-free design process

Our main goal is to reduce the burden and pressure on the clients throughout the entire design and renovation process. From the beginning, we will be coming up with the design concept for you to offer construction guidance, and finally placing furniture and decorative accessories as finishing touches to your project. We are like a good companion by your side supporting and guiding you throughout the process.

Leave the detailed planning to us

Architects pay more attention to the architectural structure in the early construction stages and would easily neglect the detailed designs. So, our interior design team will work on the architectural design to further improve the space layout and flow, colour matching and soft furnishing. Of course, we will also provide customers with professional design drawings, such as space layout, furniture combination plan, lighting design drawings, socket layout drawings etc.

Creative & personalised design

Being creative is one of our strengths since we have a group of capable interior designers. Not only do we solve basic designs for you, but our designers will also listen carefully to the clients to understand their ideas and requirements. And then fuse them with our professional knowledge and expertise to create your tailor-made design solution.

Ready to start your project with us?

We are here to deliver a custom interior design service for you. 

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