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5 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas that you can consider (pt. 1)

We previously talked about Christmas decorations you can buy to uniquely decorate your home. Christmas Tree is one of them. However, sometimes a traditional one does not efficiently use the open space in your home. So, we have put together 5 Christmas Tree ideas that you can do by yourself and Christmas decorations you can buy to creatively transform your home to feel more Christmassy. And without wasting any space.

You can use these ideas for this year Christmas or keep them in your notes and leave it for next year. The choice is yours. Want to know, then scroll down to read more!

Credit: Printiki

1. Photo Christmas tree

Displaying photos on the wall is a popular approach in interior design, as they act as a focal spot in your home. Then how about organising your photos of families and friends into a Christmas Tree?

Not only it is a unique way of displaying your photos, but it becomes a distinctive spot that truly reflects who you are. Because the Christmas Tree showcases the special moments you have experienced. It is simple to create and does not take a lot of space, as a wall is all you need. If you want to, you can add some fairy lights to the Photo Christmas Tree to highlight this special spot.

Credit: Living Bunch

2. Succulent Mini-Christmas tree

A classic Christmas Tree takes up quite a lot of the floors space. And this leads to some spaces being wasted in your home. So, a mini-sized version would be a good solution. Having real-life plants in a home is recommended from an interior design perspective. Since the green plants add some colour that transforms your home to be warmer and more relaxing to be in.

So, rather than having the usual plant type used for a miniature Christmas Tree, you can buy another kind of plant. For example, Succulent, this plant is becoming more popular as they are easy to maintain.

Credit: DigsDigs, BHG (Carson Downing)

3. Floating Christmas Tree

Do you have a small open space and don't know how to use it? Then this is a perfect idea for you! Since you can hang Christmas Baubles from the ceilings to create a shape of the floating Christmas tree.

This can even be a Christmas art installation that can be your distinctive focal spot. Often interior designers have something like this in their designs to add more texture and personality to your home. A contemporary and magical Christmas Tree! Here, we found a tutorial video that you can watch on how to make your unique and stylish floating Christmas Tree in your sweet home.

4. Pumpkin Christmas Tree

Using pumpkins for your Christmas tree, for real? We know this is something that not everyone would think of to use for a Christmas tree. So, why not give this creative and unique idea a shot?

You can repurpose the leftover uncarved pumpkin from Halloween since they can last for 2 to 3 months. Or if you are planning to use pumpkin for your vegan Christmas dinner. You can decorate it before you cook it. Families can use this idea as an opportunity to have fun together to decorate the pumpkin however they want to look. A lovely way to showcase each unique personality. But be careful that it might get a little messy.

Credits: lights4fun

5. Paper Wall Christmas Tree

Hanging photos of artworks on a small blank wall space above the sideboard cabinets might not fit the Christmas theme. Instead, you can have your own paper wall Christmas tree to cover that space.

You can personalise this idea to your style. So, you can use pages from books that you don’t read anymore, or handwritten letters or Christmas cards. Just layer them to add some texture to a paper wall Christmas tree. This simple do-it-yourself idea is another alternative and creative option you can choose to create a unique and personalised spot to grab people’s attention in your home.

Here are the first five Christmas Tree ideas that you can use to decorate your sweet home. Leave some comments below on which one was your favourite. If you enjoyed this, why not share it with your friends?

Want to have more inspiration about this? No worries, we have found 5 other Christmas Tree ideas that you can do to celebrate Christmas. If are interested in this, why not discover the unique Christmas decorations we found?


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