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Recent successful interior design case at North west London

In the end, with the clients' trust, we completed the whole set of interior design and construction site coordination work, and successfully helped them obtain planning permission. On top of doing the design scheme to in-depth construction drawings, we also did construction supervision to resolve any on-site technical issues, and selection and procurement of the materials, furniture and home appliances on the clients' behalf. In the end, we successfully handed over a new home to the homeowners, who came from afar.

Project Overview:

It was a periodic family home, where the ground floor layout consisted of small sets of interconnecting rooms, and each room had limited space. This original space layout was not functional for the clients. So, they entrusted us to redesign the ground floor layout to ensure spaces are utilised more efficiently and widen the space vision. In this project, we added additional rooms to the property to enhance the overall house value. Besides, the homeowners found the home interior outdated and wanted us to upgrade it to have a modern Japanese-style design scheme.

Kitchen Area:

During the kitchen area renovation, we recommended the clients remove the 2 walls to transform a three-sectioned kitchen area into one open-plan kitchen space. As shown in the photo above, removing the wall was the correct decision, not only the kitchen space is now bigger where the client can move around with more ease, but the kitchen space feels more spacious.

In our kitchen design, we replaced the traditional and outdated kitchen cabinets with knobs to have modern, gloss-finished and handleless white cabinets, matching with natural wood-coloured worktops and marble splashback. Also, our interior designer added LED light strips under the cabinets adding points and forming a timeless kitchen design.

Living and Dining area:

The original arched wall not only blocked the view of the dining room and garden from the living room but also blocked the light making the living room dark. So, our interior designer recommended removing that wall too. Here we needed our professional structural engineer team to help us design the steel structure to ensure it is safe when removing this wall since it is a load-bearing wall. As shown in the picture above, the removal of the wall obviously makes the whole space appear brighter and more open.

When choosing the furniture, we had to consider the size and shape of each piece of furniture to ensure they are aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable and leave enough walking space in these areas. We wanted this open area to be simple and comfortable without compromising the sense of design. So we selected furniture with natural wood-coloured and soft silk fabrics, combined with warm-yellow LED ambient lights to balance out the surrounding white walls. Making the whole space warm and full of love.

garage converted into a bedroom with a 2 panel window

Garage conversion:

The homeowners wanted us to convert the garage into a bedroom for an elderly individual. This transformation involves making significant changes to the exterior and interior of the space since we are adding an independent bathroom to this room. Likewise, we had to redesign the water-pipes layout and the ventilation system to support the extra bathroom. However, there is limited space in the garage and adding furniture to the bedroom made it even more challenging as we need to leave sufficient walking space for the elder to move around the bedroom.

We received the clients' acknowledgement of our design capabilities of converting the cold garage into a welcoming bedroom. But we also even got the local council's confirmation by approving our application. You can read one of our previous blog posts, where we shared some tips on passing the planning permission for a garage conversion.

Additional Bathroom:

We noticed this small storage space under the staircase, and it would be a waste to leave it empty as we have already designed a new storage cupboard in the kitchen area. So, we decided to redesign this space to be a small bathroom for two reasons. Firstly, many periodic family homes often don't have a bathroom on the ground floor, which is a slight issue for guests. Since it is inconvenient to use the bathroom upstairs and it is unreasonable to use the bathroom in the garage-converted bedroom when the elder is resting inside.

Secondly, adding a bathroom is equivalent to adding room in the house and increasing the house value. But we faced some problems with this design, and our designers creatively resolved them. You can read our blog posts on our solutions to problems for this type of staircase refurbishment!


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