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Curtain & Blinds guide: Where to buy in the UK?

There are many manufacturers selling curtains in the UK. So, after trialling and testing many, we recommend two manufacturers that you choose. And we will be talking about customer experience with these two manufacturers in this blog.

Buying Curtains & Blinds:

There are quite a few points to talk about this manufacturer as we have used them the most out of the others. Overall, the quality of the customer service is good, as there is an online customer service that you can use to solve any problems and their response efficiency is also very high. Regarding the products, they are pretty nice as the quality of the material and designs are good. Besides, you can find various types and designs of curtains from them. What's more, the price of their curtains is relatively competitive, as you can find some good bargains there, and often offer discounts too.

However, there are some disadvantages. One is a long-delivery time since all of their products are made-to-order, and the another is delivering them to the wrong address. So, we recommend you regularly check the status of your order to make sure it is going to the correct address. If you are in a rush to buy new curtains, this manufacturer is not your first choice.

Also, you would have to measure the windows yourself (which is not as easy as it seems), as Blinds2go do not offer the measurement survey service. Instead, they have detailed measurement guidelines you can look at on their website, but they were not very helpful personally.

If you went to events like the Ideal Home Show or Grand Design, you would know what I am talking about. One of my favourite products from them is the electric curtains range, which is one type you could not find in blinds2go. This type is very practical to use, exceptionally when you have windows that you can't reach. One thing that Hillary wins against blinds2go is they have a measurement and installation service, which is significantly helpful and important. Lastly, the quality and design of their curtains are on par with Blinds2go.

The downside is that the communication with the customer service team is not as smooth as the other, and the price of their products is quite expensive. So, if you are on a tight budget, I would not recommend buying curtains & blinds from this manufacturer.

Photo credit to ducminh nguyen from Unsplash

Crucial points to be attentive when buying curtains and curtain tracks!

You must be careful when doing the curtain measurement. So, it is best to follow the manufacturer's guidance on how to measure the window and what details to look out for. Who wants to buy curtains that cannot be used in the end, right? At this point, I think measurement service from Hillary is surely necessary. In the rest of this blog, I will also introduce some tips for measuring before buying curtains.

If you bought a curtain too large to fit into the window, don't worry, there is a solution to solve this. Just remove the curtain track and then cut the track to match the window size. Pay attention here if your curtain track is metal, you should ask the construction team to help you deal with it. And correspondingly, cut the width of the curtain with scissors.

We had this issue in one of our projects, and our workers helped us resolve this in the same way we stated above.

worker fixing the blinds to fit into the window

You can consider buying curtain tracks from B&Q, Wickes, and IKEA. A quick tip is that we recommend buying tracks slightly longer than the window width. Since ordinary curtain rods are made of wood, so the construction workers can cut them to the length you want. However, some products from B&Q do not come with a delivery service, and the customer would have to collect them from the store, which is very troublesome. There is one thing that customers often ignore, which is the curtain track rings. Not only you should consider matching them with the curtain track and not buy a diameter that is too small.

On some occasions, you may not be able to install the roman blinds, as you couldn't drill a hole. One of the reasons is there is a steel beam above the window. So, you would need to confirm with the construction team beforehand. Here I recommend Blinds2go as they give different installation methods in case the situation of steel beams happens.

What kind of curtains are most suitable to place in what area?

Many of our clients often ask us when redesigning their homes, and it is a good question. Here are some of our ideas that you can consider.

Living room area:

For this area, we recommend placing privacy sheer curtains or roller blinds in the window and having curtains drawn on both sides outside the window, just like the photos above. The advantage of this layout is that it avoids having double layer curtain tracks, which on its own, it doesn't look aesthetically pleasing. And having a curtain box to cover it would be quite thick and bulky, which does not look good too. So, having one curtain or blind inside and outside the window creates a strong sense of design and is very functional.

Kitchen Area:

Curtains in the kitchen area should avoid grease and smoke, so I don't recommend using pure white curtains in the kitchen area. I suggest using some brightly coloured curtains to stimulate your taste buds and add some bright colours to the kitchen space. Just like the ones above, colourful and full of youthfulness and unforgettable.

Credit: Blinds2go and Hillary

Bedroom Area:

I recommend using both roman blinds and roller blinds in the bedroom area. And it is recommended to buy dark-coloured ones since the morning sunlight is quite bright in the UK, so light-coloured curtains are very light-transmitting, and you can't even do lay-in. Also, I recommend selecting the blinds to have the exact fitting. This way it would cover the window and prevent the bright sunlight from entering. Besides, I suggest that to choose blinds that have plant patterns. They are not only very beautiful, and the plant patterns are very positive from the perspective of Feng Shui.

These are some of my tips for buying curtains and blinds for your home. If you want to learn more, remember to follow us on our social media channels to keep you updated.


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