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A successful case of the 2-floor space transformation plan

Do you want to get some interior design inspiration for small properties? In this blog, we will share a case of a successful interior design transformation of a small-sized property.

We were appointed by the homeowner to renovate a two-storey house with a courtyard of 100m2 in West London. Initially, the homeowner only wanted our professional planning approval team to expand the kitchen area. After an on-site visit, we found a lot of worthy design inspirations to transform the home. So we gave some new decoration ideas, which not only meet the most basic needs of the homeowner. It also brings them unexpected surprises.

floor plan for the first floor and ground floor, black and white

Floor plan of the ground floor and first floor

Expanding the kitchen & improving the living room on the first floor

  1. We removed the extra wall, adding a more colourful layout effect to the original cramped living room. A team of professional design and structural engineers to make the new design inspirations achievable.

  2. For the extended kitchen, we added a nearly 3m wide elegant and transparent sliding glass door. Whether the homeowners are cooking or eating dinner or working from home during the pandemic. When facing the beautiful garden will bring them invincible visual experience and enjoyment.

coloured floor plan of the ground floor

Coloured floor plan of the ground floor

Adjust the layout of the second-floor rooms - Option 1

  1. The designer improved the usage of space by adjusting the positions of the upstairs bathroom and Bedroom 3.

  2. With the help of the kitchen expansion downstairs, the designer added an invincible viewing platform on the second floor. A transparent roof design was added to the dining area, where the homeowner can enjoy the dazzling starry sky at night.

  3. Both bedrooms can share the viewing platform upstairs, creating a romantic and poetic atmosphere.

coloured floor plan of first plan option 1

Coloured floor plan of the first floor (option 1)

Further, deepen based on the above design - Option 2

  1. The designer adjusted the wall position of Bedroom 3. And it increased the use area of the bedroom by 30%. At the same time, this bedroom has its own terrace and a better view of the scenery. Perfect design!

coloured floor plan of first plan option 2

Coloured floor plan of the first floor (option 2)

This is a satisfactory renovation design plan as we received the homeowners’ affirmation of our design capabilities. Regardless the homeowner will be living in the property or using it to entertain guests. I believe facing the spacious courtyard, the visual space effect would be very comfortable. Also, I believe when the future homeowner sells this house, our design and renovation will bring a very significant house value appreciation and profit return for this house.

T INTERIORS LTD will share different interior design ideas with you. You are welcome to share this.

Want to hire a professional design team for your sweet and welcoming new home? Our team has 22 years of interior design experience, and we can provide you with first-class professional home renovation. T Interiors LTD is always ready to help you make your dream home a reality. Contact us to discover more creative inspirations!


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