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5 Creative Christmas Trees Ideas that you can consider (pt 2)

Close up of Christmas tree and text with Christmas Tree Ideas PT 2

Space in Interior Design is quite important. If space is not used effectively, it will affect your daily lifestyle routine and how the room works and feels. Sometimes, a Christmas tree can create these issues in your comfortable home.

So, as promised, here is part 2 of the Christmas Tree Ideas blog. We have discovered 5 other creative Christmas tree ideas that you can choose to decorate your sweet home. No time to waste let's get straight into this!

DIY Rosemary Christmas Tree

1. Rosemary Christmas Tree

Not want to buy a traditional or alternative Christmas tree to celebrate Christmas Day? Then how about making your own miniature Christmas tree? Here is a video above that shows you how to create your distinctive Christmas tree using rosemary.

This rosemary Christmas tree is a perfect idea for families. Everyone in the family can have fun together and decorate it however they want it to look. Also, this simple creative decoration would make your home smell super nice.

These are lovely alternative Christmas decorations from an interior design perspective. You can display them anywhere you want in your home. Without affecting your lifestyle, the rooms’ features and sensations. A 3-win situation.

Credit: The Happy Hideout, Carol Was Webster

2. Upside-down Christmas tree

There is a unique way of placing your Christmas tree. So, rather than sticking with the traditional approach of having the Christmas tree on the floor. You could instead have your Christmas tree to be hanging from the ceiling.

From an interior design point of view, this idea does not disrupt your lifestyle and the room’s functionality. Since hanging the Christmas tree from the ceiling gives you floor space, and you can place other objects that you couldn’t with the traditional way.

Also, this upside-down Christmas tree is an awesome idea that you can use to make a bold and eye-catching statement” about yourself. And it becomes your very own distinctive star point in your home that no one else.

Three different size of Christmas tree candle holders

3. Christmas Tree Candle Holder

Interior designers would often place candles around the home to improve its interior design. By placing candles around your home, it makes the space feel warm. And you can feel a warm, cosy and welcoming sensation the moment you walk into your home.

If you are a fan of using candles in your sweet home. You can consider using candle holders in a shape of a Christmas Tree. With this, it transforms your usual candles to be more elegant and fitting with the Christmas theme.

Now your home would have a relaxing and Christmas ambience. Also, you can place these alternative Christmas trees in different parts of your home. Brightening and opening the space in your home without interrupting your everyday life and each rooms’ functionality.

Credit: Cox and Cox

4. Minimalistic Metal Tree

A Christmas tree covered with different colour baubles, tinsels, and fairy lights. This traditional and ideal look may not be everyone preference. So, if you prefer a Christmas tree that has a simple and minimal look, then this is the one for you.

Not much time needs to be invested to decorate this type of tree. Hanging some baubles and wrapping it with some lights. Then place it in an area in your house, where there are not many decorations. Ta-dah, your unique and elegant Christmas Tree is ready.

There is something great about this distinctive metal tree. And that is it contemplates with the existing decorations and furniture in your home. So, allowing your home to maintain its relaxing and minimal atmosphere whilst having some Christmas feels.

Spiral Christmas Tree Table Lamp, golden glow and hanging crystals

5. Spiral Tree Lamp

Rather than buying a Christmas tree used for a singular event in a year. How about purchasing a decoration that has both Christmas vibes and enhances the atmosphere in your home?

This spiral Christmas tree lamp is the perfect embodiment of both. The exterior of the lamp looks like a magical Christmas tree. Combined with the warm glow, it creates a relaxing and welcoming ambience for your family to be in.

In Interior design, this decoration is an example of decorative lighting. This spiral Christmas tree lamp is visually pleasing in that it goes well with the existing style in your home. Also, it is functional since you can use it in your everyday life.

And that was the final creative Christmas tree that we want to share with you. Which of the ideas was your top pick? Let us know in the comments down below. If you found this blog interesting, you can share it with your friends.

And if you want to read the first part of this blog. Click on this link here. Also, you can find out 5 distinctive Christmas decorations that you can use for this year or next year Christmas. Anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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